Zenfolio | Nelson's Travel Photos | Death Valley, March 2016
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A visit to Death Valley to see the "super bloom" of flowers, which occurs once maybe 10-15 years or so.
When there has been enough moisture in the fall, then millions of dormant seeds spring to life in the Spring.
March 5-11, 2016
Daylight Pass100 Feet BelowBadwater Road, near Mile 25Badwater BasinBadwater - Lowest Point in North AmericaKit Fox HillsMesquite Sand DunesBadwater Road, near Artists PaletteBeatty Cutoff ViewNotch-leaf PhaceliaDesert Five-spotBroad-Flowered GiliaMosaic CanyonTitus CanyonTitus CanyonTitus CanyonZabriskie PointZabriskie PointSpartacus at Zabriskie PointThe Road to Jabba's Palace